How do you know if your adolescent needs help?

Sometimes it is clear when you need help, such as when there has been a significant life event, such as a death, a divorce, trauma, abuse, etc. Sometimes it is not as clear. As a parent you may experience your child as withdrawing, being anxious, sad or angry. It can be hard to distinguish between developmentally appropriate adolescent behaviour and the signs of deeper, psychological problems.

Parenting an adolescent can be challenging and puzzling at times as every adolescent develops in their own unique way. Adolescents push boundaries in their search for independence and parents can feel rejected, confused and criticised. You may find that the way you parented in the past is not as effective in the present.

We recognise that parenting adolescents can sometimes leave a parent feeling de-skilled. We work to help restore a sense of confidence in your ability to parent and to get the relationship with your adolescent back on track.

Many everyday stresses such as school, friendships and family life can trigger changes in behaviour. If these behaviours are causing you concern, are persistent and are negatively impacting on the adolescent and the family, then working with a trained adolescent counsellor/psychotherapist can help your adolescent’s development.

If your adolescent is showing some of these typical signs, then counselling could help:

• Self-destructive behaviour /self-harming/drug or alcohol use
• Withdrawing from friends and family
• Changes in habits – sleeping or eating
• Aggressive behaviour
• School refusal
• Depression
• Anxiety, stress or excessive worry
• Among other behaviours

Early intervention is key. At LAPCC we work to identify what the issues are and help your adolescent find their way through their problems in a non-judgmental and private environment. Adolescent counselling is a specialised area and all our therapists have extensive advanced training and experience. Making an appointment with a therapist can create the support that an adolescent needs.

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